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About SveadalCLUB

Our Mission

The founding of The Sveadal Club “SveadalCLUB” or “CLUB” is for the express and basic purposes of assisting the Swedish American Patriotic League in maintaining and improving Sveadal, the cultural heritage center and recreation grounds, both materially and socially, and for the promulgation of traditional Swedish customs among its members. The CLUB also has as its objective the initiation and support of youth participation in social and recreational programs of Swedish-American activities, and through this participation, the developing of a spirit of good fellowship, moral integrity and sportsmanship.

Our Vision
for the Future

Youth participation in Swedish-American activities is one of the primary goals for the SveadalCLUB.  Please encourage the next generation to join in on our CLUB sponsored events including our Lucia Celebration, Theme Day Fundraiser, Golf Tournament and even our Work Weekends.  When the youth is involved the mission of our CLUB will be carried on for many years to come!

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