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Join SveadalCLUB!


We work hard and play hard

in the SveadalCLUB

Club Memberships are essential to the continued improvement and vitality of the Sveadal Community.


For more questions about membership,
please reach out to our ​Membership Chair,

Miranda Erikson at

How to become a SveadalCLUB member

  • Find 2 Sponsors (existing CLUB Members) to vouch for you, and to coach you through the process

  • Read & Understand CLUB Constitution & ByLaws

  • Volunteer at 2 of the Sveadal Work Weekends, within the year prior to applying

  • Attend a CLUB meeting

  • Submit Application for Membership, along with 2 Sponsor Confirmation Forms

  • Membership Applications are reviewed by CLUB Board, & Voted on at the CLUB meetings

What it means to be a SveadalCLUB “Member-in-Good-Standing”

  • Read and understand CLUB Constitution / ByLaws AND SveadalCLUB General Info

  • Understand the difference between SveadalCLUB + SAPL + Sveadal 

  • Pay Annual CLUB Dues / Donations

  • Come to CLUB Meetings - Read Minutes, Reports, Announcements

  • Participate & Volunteer in:

    • CLUB Social Events & Gatherings

    • CLUB Fundraising Events

    • CLUB Work Weekend Events in Sveadal

    • CLUB Committees

    • CLUB Board & Officers

  • Volunteer on each level: SveadalCLUB + SAPL + Sveadal 

Member Benefits

  • We work hard and play hard

  • Lifetime friendships and a working community you will never be the same without

  • Being a proud contributor of accomplishments in Sveadal

  • Member rates for CLUB activities and CLUB dinners

  • Collaboration with other Swedish clubs within the league

  • Access to other Swedish club events and functions

  • Access Pass to use Sveadal property (at member rates)

    • Pool

    • Tennis Courts

    • Sports Lawn

    • Rental Cabins and Campgrounds 

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