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SveadalCLUB Dues & Donations

Annual Dues

Annual Membership Dues of $50 are due in October.

Please list the member names in the box below and then select the quantity at checkout. 

Make payments for SveadalCLUB dinners or CLUB events here. 


After clicking "Buy Now"please enter a description for the dinner or event, how many people and your custom dollar amount.  

General Payments


Donations go toward work weekend projects in Sveadal and CLUB events.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

SveadalCLUB Members can donate to the SAPL Sveadal Memorial Fund, in any amount, with the passing of a family member or friend. (names are memorialized in an official leather bound book displayed in the Sveadal Clubhouse)

Your CLUB Dues go to:

  • Lunches for work weekends

  • Subsidized prices for CLUB meeting meals

  • Advertising

  • Annual Awards

  • Printing / Admin Projects

  • Gifts (Midsummer Reps, Outgoing Officers, etc.) 

  • Lucia Party with Santa Visit

  • Designated funds for projects in Sveadal 

Send By Mail

SveadalCLUB Treasurer

Greta Harrison

P.O Box 370583

Montara, CA 94037

*Please make checks payable to SveadalCLUB

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