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SveadalCLUB Events

2024 Events

Upcoming CLUB Events:


June 1st

San Jose Giants Game

July 13th 

Sveadal Club Golf Tournament

Annual CLUB Events

General / Membership

General / Membership

Annual / Election / Membership


in Gilroy/Sveadal – weekend after 4th of July weekend

in Sveadal – 2nd Saturday in August


in Sveadal – 1st Saturday in December

in Sveadal – x3 in Spring - x1 in Fall - dates vary

3 CLUB Meetings 

  • March 6th

  • May 4th

  • November 2nd

CLUB Events

  • Golf Tournament & Dinner

  • SveadalCLUB Theme Day Fundraiser

  • Lucia Event & Christmas Party

  • Work Weekends

About Work Weekends:

  • The SAPL/SBOG prioritizes projects and holds 4+ work weekends a year, as a way for all 12 clubs to send members to assist in maintaining Sveadal grounds & facilities. The SveadalCLUB ‘sponsors’ each of these work weekends by coordinating the event & assigning the projects…everything from major renovations to lunch cooks. The SveadalCLUB also designates a large amount of funds each year to go towards work weekend projects, in coordination with SAPL/SBOG.

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