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SveadalCLUB History

SveadalCLUB History

One of the goals of the SAPL was to purchase property (Sveadal), for recreational use by ALL of its clubs. Sveadal is considered the League’s Cultural Heritage Center. This is a place for vacationing, and is used to host the ‘longest-running Swedish Cultural event outside of Sweden’ (Midsummer). It is owned and operated by the SAPL, however, individuals from the different Swedish clubs in the League saw a need to help maintain the grounds. So those individuals started their own Sveadal “Improvement” Club. It evolved into an official club of the SAPL in 1949, comprised of folks from ALL the other clubs, to help maintain the grounds… It is now known simply as, SveadalCLUB.

SveadalCLUB Founders

The Sveadal Club was formed in 1949 (by George Norin, Sigurd Mortenson, and Herb Strom). This organization has inherited the mantle of the Sveadal Improvement Club. The Sveadal Club is the volunteer force of Sveadal furnishing money, materials and most importantly labor for many of the improvement projects that have been instituted over the years. Each Spring it is this group that makes the summer resort ready for the season. Work weekends are held and problems identified and solved. The annual fund-raising social function of the year is held each August as a costume party in Sveadal, with the theme changing each year.

-Excerpts from the books Sveadal, 1976  & Golden Gate Swedes, 2000 by Muriel Nelson Beroza 

Additional Cultural and Historical References 

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